Connecting Point

Enhancing Business Through Technology

Connecting Point is constantly striving to develop new and innovative solutions to meet the needs of our customers. We do not attempt to push "bleeding edge" technologies, but rather we develop specialized solutions based on what we find our customers are seeking from their technical partner.

Currently highlighted solutions include:

Tech 4 A Day

Meeting the needs of students and staff is sometimes even more than a full-time job. Keeping up with technology, maintaining certifications, and connecting diverse systems are all challenges to any technology department. 

Connecting Point has developed a program we call Tech 4 A Day which allows you to add to your staff, while at the same time not incurring the costs of a full time employee. By utilizing a Connecting Point technician one or more days per week, school districts have consistent access to a qualified technician whose certifications, experience, and weekly interaction with other school districts provides value far beyond the obvious.

By working to understand your environment and particular technical needs, we can provide you with the most appropriate Connecting Point employee who will report to you each week as an extension of your staff.

Managed Services

Small Business owners often don't have the resources to devote to a full-time technology department. It is also sometimes difficult to recognize technical problems before they become critical. While Connecting Point has always been available to respond when situations become critical, 24x7 even, businesses are beginning to look for more proactive solutions and Connecting Point has the processes and technology in place to implement such a solution customized to each organization.

With our Managed Services offering, Connecting Point is able to constantly monitor your network and equipment for any problems. With customized alerts, our engineers will, in most cases, be able to recognize issues before they significantly impact your business. In some cases, this may even be before anyone on your staff is impacted at all.

Our Managed Services offering also allows for applying software updates, remotely fixing issues, and reducing your overall support costs through early intervention. A Managed Services contract from Connecting Point can also help you spread out your technology costs through monthly payments, concentrating on constantly maintaining your network as opposed to incurring costs from critical failures that could have been prevented if caught earlier.